Tregenza A. Roach

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Candidate for St. Thomas Senator Tregenza A. Roach
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THE ROACH APPROACH is grounded in a belief that the public must participate fully in the setting of public policy and that those elected to serve as representatives of the people must do so in a manner which befits the public trust-with commitment, accountability, and integrity. This approach to good government proposes programs in five interrelated areas of our society of which several key elements are outlined below:

ELECTORAL REFORM: Term Limits - I am in support of term limits for senators. I propose that senators be able to serve the equivalent of eight years, or four terms, consecutively. After serving four consecutive terms, such senator would have to sit out at least one election in order to be an eligible candidate for senator once again.

EDUCATION: Higher Education Tuition Waiver - Each student resident in the Virgin Islands who graduates from a Virgin Islands high school and who meets the admission criteria for a Virgin Islands public institution of higher learning shall be entitled to attend such institution without charge for tuition.

One System - Integration of Early Childhood and Public Education into a unified system of education.

Board Reform - A Virgin Islands Board of Education with both appointed and elected members.

Professional Development and Growth - Sabbatical Leave for Virgin Islands Educational Professionals at specified intervals in their career.

ECONOMY: Unprecedented emphasis on Agriculture - The encouragement of Aquaponic Farming and Aquaculture in order to support local agricultural products and fish farming in the Territory. Integration of Agriculture and Aquaculture into our secondary education curriculum. Investments in our Tourism product to support more local participation on an entrepreneurial level. Affordable transportation between the islands of the Territory.

ENVIRONMENT: A unified and consistent approach to zoning. Programs to support recycling for business and personal purposes. Professional support for our Planning and Natural Resources Department and our program of Coastal Zone Management. Increasing the use of Eminent Domain to protect historic, cultural and other sites.

ENERGY: Viable programming to develop energy sources based on water, wind and sunlight, which we have in abundance.

ELDERLY: We need to regain an appreciation for the wisdom of the elders and provide adequate health care and related services for our aging population.