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The Virgin Islands Public Television System has partnered with the Department of Agriculture and University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Services to initiate the ‘Home Grown’ program.

This community engagement program is designed to encourage residents of the Virgin Islands to take advantage of our tropical weather and rich soil to produce crops that have grown successfully here in the territory. Primarily,the goal is to enable residents to save money during these tough economic times,by growing their own food. A secondary goal for this program is to promote healthier eating habits. The program will educate the participants and the general public in a step by step,organized,progressive fashion,over the air,and on the World Wide Web. ‘Home Grown’,will educate the participants and the general public in both the theory and the practical approach to such gardening techniques as drip irrigation installation,mulching and terrace building.

During the first phase of the program,participants would be provided hands on demonstration in the areas of site preparation,soil preparation,seed sowing and irrigation installation and transplanting by the Agriculture professionals within this partnership. WTJX will capture the demonstrations and technical assistance sessions to produce a 13-15 part instructional series entitled ‘Home Grown’. In the end,participating home gardens will reap a harvest of fresh healthy tomatoes,peppers,cucumbers,okras,beets,basil and lettuce. WTJX viewers in the territory and around the world will be able to follow the progress of some,if not all of the participants. The program is scheduled to air in the fall of 2010.