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34th Legislature Establishes Committee on Ethical Conduct to review Senator Marvin Blyden’s actions

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Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory today announced as a result of the situation surrounding Senate Majority Leader, Marvin Blyden, a meeting was held with Senate Vice President, Novelle E. Francis, Jr. and Senate Secretary, Genevieve Whitaker. It has been determined that the matter warrants the establishment of a Committee on Ethical Conduct pursuant to the rules of the 34th Legislature.  Further, the leadership have filed a formal complaint to the Committee on Ethical Conduct. The Committee on Ethical Conduct will be responsible for investigating the allegations and making a final determination on this matter. The committee will convene by the end of this week.

It is important to note that the leadership of the 34th Legislature instituted COVID-19 protocols to protect senators, employees and the public from the spread of the coronavirus. “This matter is extremely serious in nature, and we have to ensure the public that we take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. We cannot hold Senators to different standards, if anything, Senators must be held to a higher standard, as we represent the people of the territory,” concluded Frett-Gregory.