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Audited Financial Statements
The Virgin Islands Public Broadcasting System operates on a October 1st - September 30th fiscal year. WTJX's financial statements are audited annually by a certified public accounting firm.

The FCC Annual EEO Public File Report (PDF)
The attached report lists all WTJX's full-time vacancies filled during the reporting period and the employment outreach initiatives implemented by the station to serve the community.

Diversity Eligibility Report (PDF)
The attached report demonstrates WTJX’s commitment to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity in all recruitment decisions.

Diversity Statement (PDF)
WTJX’s Diversity Statement defines our commitment to our employees, viewers and the community we serve.

Employment Statistical Report (PDF)
WTJX’s Employment Statistical Report provides employment statistics for our organization.

2022 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2021 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2020 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2019 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2018 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

2017 WTJX Annual Financial Report (PDF)

Local Content and Services Report
The attached report highlights the local content and services provided by WTJX, and outlines how these initiatives address the needs of the Virgin Islands community.


The Virgin Islands Public Broadcasting System, WTJX-TV Channel 12, does not file an IRS Form 990.