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BIR Offers Tax Tips for Filing 2022 Tax Return

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Income Tax

Joel Lee, CPA, Director of the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue reminds the taxpaying public that the tax filing due date is April 19, 2022.

In order to ensure that returns are processed without unnecessary delays, Director Lee provides the following tax tips:

1. Include current mailing address. Include your current mailing address on the income tax return. Make sure to include the full address that is required by the US Postal Service in order to ensure that we can make contact with you if necessary. Verify your mailing address prior to signing your return. If you need to make a change to the address that the Bureau has on file, please use Form 8822, Change of Address, to provide the current address to the Bureau. If the return is joint, both taxpayers must sign the Change of Address form.

2. Make sure that social security numbers are provided for the taxpayer, spouse, and all dependents. An incorrect or missing social security number will delay the processing time of the refund and may increase the tax due or reduce the refund. If you have a change in your name due to marriage or divorce, please contact the Social Security Office to update your records.

3. Make sure all schedules and related forms are securely stapled to the return. Please attach the applicable schedules to the return, and include any other forms that are required.

4. Sign all tax returns. A return that is not signed is not a valid return for tax purposes. All income tax returns must have original signatures. Local taxes, such as withholding, gross receipts and other tax returns do not require original signatures Returns must be signed by the taxpayer and spouse, if applicable, or an appropriate officer of the company.

5. If you did not get the third stimulus payment, you will get it on the 2021 return. Make sure your 2021 return reflects the correct amount of the stimulus payments that you are entitled to. The stimulus payment due to you should be claimed on line 30, Recovery Rebate Credit.

6. If you do not have any income in 2021, but received the Advance Child Tax Credit, you need to file a 2021 tax return to get the remaining balance of the Child Tax Credit. For those taxpayers who did not work in 2021, but received the advance Child Tax Credit, you may be eligible to receive the remaining balance of the Child Tax Credit. Please file Form 1040 for 2021, and place $1 on the wages line. Include Schedule 8812 to claim the credit.

If there any questions concerning the tax tips mentioned, please contact the Office of Chief Counsel at (340) 714-9310.