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Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center Introduces Amnesty: Medical Debt Relief Program

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Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital

In an effort to expand patient care offered by the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center (“JFL”) and further assist the St. Croix community in paying off new and old debt at a discounted rate into the 2022 calendar year, JFL will be offering a discount of up to fifty percent (50%) on debt owed by patients, and incurred at JFL on or before December 31, 2021.

This program is available to JFL past and present patients who fall into any of the categories below: 

  • ALL inpatient and outpatient with current or past debt incurred on or before December 31, 2021
  • ALL government employees
  • ALL self-pay accounts
  • Persons who already have a payment plan agreed to with JFL or JFL Collections are eligible to apply this discount to the remaining unpaid balance. Call 340-778-6311, extensions 2861, 2813, 2797, or 2876 for further details specific to your account.
  • Active JFL collections agency credit records will be cleared once balance is paid in full.
  • Payment plan arrangements are allowed, but are to be paid in full by March 31, 2022 

Discounts apply to any dates of service before the following dates: 

  • 50% discount – Debt incurred prior to December 2014
  • 40% discount - Debt incurred January 2015 through December 2017
  • 35% discount - Debt incurred January 2018 through December 2019
  • 30% discount - Debt incurred January 2020 through December 2020
  • 25% discount - Debt incurred January 2021 through December 2021

"The JFL Team is excited to introduce this program to help our patients enter into the 2022 calendar year debt-free from their JFL medical bills at a discounted rate. I know that many in our community have expressed a desire to own a home and we recognize debt owed to JFL may stand in the way. We are here to offer an opportunity to overcome that." – Dyma B. Williams, BSN, RN, CPHRM, MJ, Interim Chief Executive Officer