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Limetree Bay Refinery Continues Preparation for Extended Shutdown

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Limetree Bay Refinery, LLC (“Limetree Refinery” or the “Company”) continues to prepare the refinery for an extended shutdown period. The next step in the process is expected to begin this weekend and includes purging oil and gases from the refinery in accordance with an EPA-approved procedure. The flare stack will be returned to service for this operation, and we expect a small flame and occasional plumes of steam to be visible at the flare tip. 

Limetree Refinery would like to assure the community that the flare stack has been fully repaired following the May 12, 2021 incident at the refinery. The repairs were inspected and validated by independent experts and the flare was tested under an EPA-approved procedure. The Company doesn’t anticipate any odors or other impact to the community from the activity at the refinery, and we will continue to conduct fence-line air monitoring as usual to provide additional assurance to our neighbors.