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Senator Kurt Vialet Concerned Over Monies Allocated for Construction of Dialysis Center

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Senator Kurt A. Vialet

Senator Vialet is concerned over the recent revelation that $1 million dollars has been allocated for the construction of an independent dialysis center on the island of St. Croix. 

The Senator has the following concerns: 

  • Is this a public/private partnership?
  • What funds are being utilized to fund the $1 million dollars? Federal or Local?
  • Was an RFP issued to solicit an entity that will build an independent dialysis center using these funds?
  • What is the status of the private dialysis center that presently exists?
  • Can the government provide funds to a private entity to offer a service that competes with the private market?


The Senator urges the Executive Branch to be mindful of the spending of government funds and the possible implications. He looks forward to full transparency as it relates to an independent dialysis center funded by the GVI.