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Statement on Liberty Mobile/BLDM Undergrounding Project Stop Work Order and service issues

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Naji Khoury, president and CEO, Liberty Puerto Rico
Naji Khoury, president and CEO, Liberty Puerto Rico

“First of all, we regret this incident, and we apologize for the issues it may have caused. We take our responsibility very seriously and pride ourselves in our work. The situation on Crown Mountain Road, Route 33 on the island of St. Thomas was corrected on Tuesday, July 6. We remain focused on completing all our work to ensure the USVI mobile network’s strength and redundancy, with the utmost care in the construction process. 

On Thursday July 8, we had a very productive meeting with the Department of Public Works of the USVI during which we were able to identify the problems that arose and the miscommunication that took place between the working teams that were hired to carry out the work on the roads. We agreed on a work plan to resolve these issues in the next few days and move forward with the project, in benefit of the residents and visitors of that area. 

We have been upgrading and building our network in the USVI for some time now and we have noticed an increase in calls and data usage. We are seeing very healthy sales, with continued growth, with network performance statistics even better than before. We acknowledge there is still work to do in some areas and we are currently working on fixing that. Large part of our construction efforts is aimed at solving that issue.

We are committed to taking all necessary measures to ensure that the work is completed correctly and safely. We are looking forward to continue providing the people of the USVI with a first-rate mobile experience.”