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Twin boys recovering at Florida children's hospital

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Twin boys recovering

Upon concluding official business last week in Florida, Senator Kenneth Gittens and Governor Albert Bryan Jr. took the opportunity to visit with the twin boys that were injured in an auto/pedestrian accident on St. Croix and are now being treated at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.   

During the July 11 incident, 6-year-old twins Dominic and Dimitri were walking with an adult family member when the three were struck by a driver that lost control of his vehicle.  The boys were both severely injured and are on a slow road to recovery. The family member, Aldon Joseph, also suffered injuries and is recovering. 

During Saturday’s visit with the boys and their mother, Ashley Julien, Senator Gittens said he was pleased to see that the children, though still uncomfortable and restricted to their hospital beds, were in good spirits. 

“The strength of these youngsters is remarkable,” he said. “They experienced this very traumatic event, they are in pain and away from home, yet they were still a joy. However, they have a long road to recovery, so I ask our community to continue to shower them with prayers and well wishes.” 

Governor Bryan was also encouraged by the boys’ positive attitudes. 

“To know what they’ve gone through and continue to endure daily, I was shocked that they were in such good spirits,” he said. “They have a great team of nurses and doctors who are giving them great care. Their parents are there with them and I’m looking forward to seeing them back home and running around again pretty soon.”  

Senator Gittens and the Governor presented the children with balloons and a care package during their visit.