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VI Tech Stack and the University of the Virgin Islands releases new poll in USVI General Election

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A new poll was released by VI Tech Stack in collaboration with the University of the Virgin Islands Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL). It was conducted September 7-13, 2022.

The poll showed that incumbent Democrat Albert Bryan Jr. and Tregenza Roach currently hold a 22.8 point lead over the closest challenger, Independent Kurt Vialet and Janelle K. Sarauw, with 48.7% and 25.9% respectively. 

The Governor’s numbers are very high in St. Thomas/St. John, with Governor Bryan having a 40 point advantage. Governor Bryan maintains a 3.6 point lead in St. Croix.

The new poll also examined the legislative races. 

In the Senate At-Large race, Democrat Angel Bolques, Jr. has a comfortable lead of close to 21 points over Independent Sherry-Ann Francis. Bolques Jr. performs well in both districts, with roughly 21 point leads in each. 

In the St. Croix legislative race, there is very little separation between the top performing candidates. Democrat Novelle E. Francis Jr. leads with 11%, followed by Democrat Kenneth Kenny Gittens at 10.8%, then Democrat Marise C. James with 9.7%, and lastly Independent Franklin D. Johnson with 9.5%. Additionally, the next tier of candidates is a dead heat. There are only 2.6 points currently separating the 5th place finisher from the 12th place finisher. Democrat Diane T. Capehart was 5th with 6.4%, Independent Michael J. Springer, Jr. and Democrat Javan E. James tied for 6th with 5.8%, Independent Patricia M. James was 8th with 5.3%, Democrat Genevieve Whitaker and Independent Samuel Carrion were 9th with 5%, Democrat Ophelia Williams-Jackson was 11th with 4.7%, and Independent Devin Carrington was 12th with 3.8%. With seven seats available, all of these candidates have a viable chance of winning at this stage. 

In the St. Thomas/St. John legislative race, Democrat Donna Frett-Gregory has a significant advantage over all other candidates at 17.5%. The second place finisher, Democrat Milton E. Potter received 10.6%. All 6 of the top finishers were incumbents. Democrat Carla Joseph was third with 9.3%, Democrat Marvin A. Blyden was 4th with 7.9%, Independent Dwayne M. DeGraff was 5th with 7.5%, and Independent Alma Francis Heyliger was 6th with 7.1%. The 7th place finisher was Democrat Ray Fonseca with 5.6%, Independent Dawn Lisa Henry was 8th with 5.3%, Democrat Joel S. Browne Connors was 9th with 4.6%, Democrat Lawrence Boschulte was 10th with 3.4%, and Independent Citizens Movement Margret Price was 11th with 1.8%.

The poll also found that Healthcare, the Economy, and Education are the most important issues to voters this election cycle. In St. Croix, Healthcare is by far the most important issue. It received 42.2% when respondents were asked what the most important issue was. The Economy was a very distant second with 23.9%. In St. Thomas/St. John, only 17% of respondents said that Healthcare is the most important issue. The Economy and Education are the top issues to the district, receiving 31.4% and 29.1% respectively. 

Respondents were also asked about the races for Board of Education and Board of Elections in each district. The topline results for the polls can be found at the links below. 

Territory Wide Results

St. Croix District Results 

St. Thomas/St. John District Results

A final poll will be conducted in a few weeks to be released prior to the General Election. 

VI Tech Stack and The University of the Virgin Islands Center for Excellence in Leadership and Learning (CELL) accurately predicted the results of the 2018 US Virgin Islands General Election. 

VI Tech Stack is a very experienced polling company and conducts polls throughout the country on a regular basis. VI Tech Stack is an RTPark company and thus has partnered with the University of the Virgin Islands’ Center for Excellence in Learning and Leadership (CELL).