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VIDHS Announces “Update My Contact Information” for All Medicaid Members

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The Virgin Islands Department of Human Services (VIDHS) Medicaid Division is pleased to provide its Medicaid members with the ability to update their contact information in a simple and efficient manner using a web-based functionality. 

VIDHS’ new Update My Contact Information Citizens Portal will provide Medicaid members an easier way to provide their most current contact information including their cell phone number, email address, and mailing address. To kickstart the initiative, VIDHS will use the Medicaid Now messaging capability to send Medicaid members a SMS text message that contains a link to the Update My Contact Information online form. 

The link to the online portal is also available by going directly to the VIDHS website or by visiting the DHS Universal Access Portal at 

VI Medicaid Members are encouraged to provide their updated contact information to VIDHS so that they can receive current updates and communication regarding the Medicaid program, including when members need to recertify to continue to receive their important health benefits. 

VIDHS Commissioner, Kimberley Causey-Gomez and Medicaid Director, Gary A. Smith encourage all Medicaid members to take advantage of this new capability. “Update My Contact Information allows our VI members to quickly and easily ensure that DHS has their most current information, so they don’t miss important updates about their Medicaid benefits. Update My Contact Information can be accessed any time of day or night and does not require interaction with the Department, which saves time and provides our clients with flexibility. We highly encourage our members to take advantage of this feature.” said Causey-Gomez and Smith. 

The Update My Contact information enhancement represents an additional step forward in VIDHS’ ability to provide automated and streamlined access to the Medicaid program. 

The Department of Human Services (VIDHS) exists to provide social services to members in our community with diverse needs. Please visit the Department of Human Services website, for more information.