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Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research Announces the Launch of the 2022 Economic Census

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Dr. Allison DeGazon
Dr. Allison DeGazon

The United States Census Bureau is proud to announce the start of the 2022 Economic Census, a comprehensive study of the nation's economy that provides essential data for businesses, communities, and policymakers. The economic census is conducted every five years and provides detailed information on the structure and functioning of the U.S. economy, including data on the number of businesses, the types of products and services they offer, and the number of employees. The Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research (VIBER), under the leadership of Dr. Allison DeGazon, will be leading the census in the territory. 

Only businesses that are included in the Economic Census will receive a letter with instructions to report. Since this is a full census and not a sample, every business that had paid employees in 2022 will be required to submit data. This year's census will collect data through various means, including online questionnaires, mail-in forms, and telephone interviews. The census is mandatory for all employer businesses and requires them to provide information on their operations, finances, and workforce. 

The Census Bureau is committed to protecting the confidentiality of businesses' data, and all information collected is protected by strict federal laws. The results of the 2022 Economic Census will be available in 2023, and will be a valuable resource for businesses, researchers, and policymakers looking to understand the economy and make informed decisions. VIBER encourages all relevant businesses in the territory to participate in the 2022 Economic Census to aid in economic development, regional and workforce development planning. 

Dr. DeGazon encourages all applicable businesses to participate as a response is required by law: Title 13, US. S. Code, Section 224. “The Bureau of Economic Research remains hard at work to fulfill and exceed our mandates and we are excited to share the results of the census once completed. We are a small agency, but the expertise that every member of the team brings to the table is admirable, and we are committed to a completely data-driven approach to fully understanding our economy,” said Dr. Allison DeGazon.