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WAPA Responds to Recent Power Outages in St. Croix

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St. Croix has seen a recent string of island-wide power outages, with the most recent Thursday night where residents spent about an hour without electricity. 

Residents are seeking meaningful answers on why outages continue. Water and Power Authority spokesperson, Emmett Hansen, said the most recent outage was due to a "loss of generation at the plant" and the utility is doing its best to improve reliability. 

Adding that the protocol when outage occurs consists of an investigation to determine what has gone wrong, restarting the generators and making necessary repairs to make sure they can feed the power back out to the community safely.

"I think that our response time has improved tremendously. Yesterday, as inconvenient as any blackout is, it was only an hour and fifteen minutes," said Hansen. 

Hansen added that they're panning a conversion to propane, a more affordable and efficient option, where down the road will lead to a decrease in pricing. 

"The changeover is going to take a minute. We just ask for the patience and understanding."

For more information and for real time updates and alerts, visit the WAPA website