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hall pass

Episode 1

Watch the first episode of season 2 of Hall Pass with host Cynthia Graham. This episode explores programs that aims to enhance literacy at the schools.

hall pass

Episode 5

The 65th Virgin Islands Carnival is here and the Department of Education is heavily involved. Cynthia welcomes the Ulla F. Muller Panatics.

Hall Pass

Episode 9

On Location at the Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math fair, Cynthia and Keva cover the annual event as it unfolds. Along with interviews with the event’s organizers.

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Episode 6

Cynthia has an in-depth conversation with the 2017 Carnival Queen. The discussion ranges from the Queen’s early beginnings as a foster child to the daily regiment.

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Episode 10

On this episode Cynthia talks to student athlete about fitness on and off the field.

Hall pass

Episode 3

On this episode of Hall Pass, Cynthia Graham explores life after high school.

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Episode 7

Cynthia Graham discusses teacher appreciation week.

Hall Pass


On this episode Cyntha talks to students from "Mini Fashonista" and dancing classrooms.

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Episode 4

On this episode of Hall Pass Cynthia Graham explores what students are learning about agriculture.

Hall Pass

Episode 8

Centennial Celebrations are in place throughout the territory and will take place throughout the year. Hall pass visits the Whim Museum with the TransAtlantic Slave Trade study gro