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Anton Teytaud

Anton C. Teytaud was born abt. 1911 in St. Thomas to Anton Henrik Valdemar Teytaud (Crucians) and Emma Eudoka van Beverhoudt (Thomian) (Carter & Jensen, 2019 ).

A wedding notice for his parents in the newspaper reads as below:

St. Croix Bulletin, Christiansted, Monday 18. January 1909A pretty little wedding took place last evening in All Saints [St. Thomas] when Mr. Anton H. V. Teytaud, telegraphist, of the W I. & P. Tel. Co., was married to Miss Emma Eudoka van Beverhoudt. The bride was led to the altar by her brother- in-law, Consul David O. Bornn, and Mr. J.A. Ridgway, a fellow clerk, was best man. The bride was accompanied by a single maid of honor, Miss Alice Vance, and two pages, her little nephews. She was attired in taffetta silk. The ceremony was performed by the Archdeacon Hutson, M. A., K. D., British Chaplain. Afterwards there was a reception at Consul and Mrs. D O. Bornn's residence at which the relatives and a few intimate friends were present. The presents were many and useful and the bouquets all beautiful. The health of the couple was proposed by Archdeacon Petersen who join their numerous friends in wishing them a long and happy union. By Mail Notes January 13.

Anton C. Teytaud’s father, Anton Henrik Valdemar Teytaud, was born in Christiansted in 1885 to Anton Henrik Teytaud (Daneman) and Sophia Camilla Teytaud (Crucian) and was baptized in St. John Anglican Church.

Anton C. Teytaud’s grandfather, Anton Henrik Teytaud arrived on St. Croix from Denmark in 1870. He lived and worked as a policeman in Christiansted most of his life. He married Crucian seamstress Sophia Camilla Lammers in 1876. From this marriage seven known children were born in Christiansted and all baptized in St. John Anglican Church, viz:

Emilie Elizabeth b. 1876

August Peter b. 1878

Agnes Eliza b. 1879

Caroline Mathilde 1881

Maud de Olivia b. 1803

Anton Henrik Valdemar b. 1885 (the father of Anton C. Teytaud)

Harold Victor Emanuel b. 1888

In 1890 the entire Teytaud family lived at Church St. 06-07, Christiansted. Other addresses include Company St. 49 and Prince St. 05. Anton C. Teytaud’s paternal grandmother, Sophia Camilla Teytaud (born Lammers) died a widow in 1910 at the age of 57. She was buried in Christiansted.

A sympathy notice printed in the newspaper to Anton Henrik Valdemar Teytaud [a devout Anglican] on the death of his mother reads as below:

Lightbourn’s Mail Notes. ST. THOMAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1910We tender our sympathy to Mr. A. Teytaud on the loss he has sustained through the death of his mother, which sad event took place on Wednesday afternoon in St. Croix; this is a quickfollowing on her husband, who only died a short time since, which makes the affliction in the Teytaud family all the more painful.

Sophia Camilla, sometimes called Sophy, was born to Christiana Clendinen on Estate Jerusalem in May 1852 four years after emancipation. She was baptized the same year having three sponsors, viz.: David Michael, a saddler of Jerusalem (1855); Jessie Jackson, a seamstress of Jerusalem (1850); and C. Johnson, a medical doctor living on Jerusalem.

According to the census record of 1855, Christiana and Sophia were living together on Jerusalem; Christiane was a cook to Miss Golden, a renter of the estate dwelling house.

By 1860 Sophia, only seven years old, was living in town at Company St. 42 working as a house servant for Doctor Johnson and family – one of the sponsors at her baptism. Also living in the same household was 23-year-old Amelia Wilson, a cook, and 16 -year- old Maria Danielsen, a house servant.

By 1870 she was again living with her mother, Christiana Clendinen, a servant, and younger sister, Maud Delphine [Adelphine] Pelton at Company St. 38.

Six years later - in 1876 - Sophia Camilla Lammers married Anton Henrik Teytaud, the Daneman.

Anton C. Teytaud’s paternal great-grandmother, Christiana Clendinen, was born enslaved abt. 1828 on Estate Jerusalem. She appeared on Jerusalem’s inventories between 1831-1840; at age 12 she was valued at 200 Danish West Indian currencies.

In 1841 Christiana was a fieldworker on Jerusalem; by 1846 she was working as a house servant on the estate.

She moved to Christiansted sometime after emancipation where her second daughter, Maud Adelphine, was born in 1858.

Christiana Clendinen died in 1900 from heart disease. Her last address was Queen St. 14, Christiansted. She was 73 years old.