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Message to Teachers - Dr. Valrica Bryson

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We can ascertain that culture significantly determines to a great extent teaching and learning. We can also assume that culture is a unique experience. Each person has a clear determination as to the impact culture has on them.  In viewing and using Sarah and Addie 2.0 we can all examine and determine how it will impact us culturally. Indeed, it is noted that we all expect that we should be raised in an environment with linguistic, articulate parents who have been embedded within us a rich and historical culture.

Yet, we all understand that Culture is more than the mere celebration of holidays, and special occasions in our lives. Inherently, Culture refers to the ways in which diverse groups of people shape their daily lives within national or ethnic groups, urban neighborhoods, companies and professions, and other settings. Culture comprises of what people do and what they believe. Culture influences greatly how we see the world, how we try to understand it and how we communicate with each other. Therefore, culture determines, to a great extent, learning and teaching styles.

Therefore, as Educators we should work together to ensure that children are learning regardless of their ethnic background, religious beliefs, or other stereotypes. Teaching and learning must be a positive engagement of students wherein there is effectiveness in the learning process that is occurring. Teachers it is so becoming that in the Virgin Islands there is such commitment in knowing your students and more so being aware of their academic abilities.

Sarah and Addie 2.0 provide you and your students the opportunity to engage in learning Virgin Islands culture, heritage, and history. Educators, please understand that not all children are the same. Each child will learn at their own pace. Keep students with disabilities at the forefront. Provide them with every opportunity to learn culture. Sarah and Addie 2.0 was brought to life by millennials. 2.0 signifies embracing something brand new, something different, revolutionary, totally revamped from the previous. Enjoy, embrace and use the tools provided to make a impact on your teaching and learning.


Dr. Valrica Bryson

Adjunct Professor of Music

University of the Virgin Islands


PO Box 7905

Sunny Isles, St. Croix 00823

(340) 778 – 6842